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4COOL Window Films are not just about privacy and functionality; they complement the design and look of your home too. Window films come in various patterns, designs and colors, which sometimes can replicate the look of stained glass as well. So, if you’d like to spruce up your interiors without spending much on the design elements, 4COOL Window film is the ideal choice.


Window Film

4cool window film is designed to protect cars and buildings from the scorching solar heat that comes through the window glass. Solar radiation falls different levels in different geographical regions. Middle East is situated at tropic of cancer; where solar heat goes up to 52° in summer .4cool window film customize to prevent the high solar heat which falls in Middle East region. A group of German scientist studied the tropical climate for more than 5 years. 4cool is a tailor made window film for Middle East climate and temperature.


Designer Films
(Frosted Film)

Mist Frosted Films provides vibrant options to enhance the environment in a cost-effective way.
Compared to the traditional methodology of sandblasting, our frosted films can be easily removed without having residuals on the glass maintaining a choice for the customers to have updates if needed.
These stickers are ideal for conference rooms, lobbies, residential homes, bathrooms, shops etc.


Security Film

4Cool Safety window films, one of the finest solutions offered for the hazardous condition raised due to the exposure of glasses for future breakages. Our security films are transparent, long-lasting, and provides a crystal clear view. Glass infrastructures always impose a threat because of the risk of breakage due to manmade or natural causes. To reduce the medical fatalities that arise from shattering glass shards, we always need a reliable solution to prevent or reduce this hazard. 
4Cool Safety films holds together the glass shards avoiding the flying shattered pieces to the environment. The risk factor is much reduced and they also provide a UV protection of 99 Percentage. Due to its transparent nature we can hardly even recognize a film is attached with the glass.

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