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4cool window film is designed to protect cars and buildings from the scorching solar heat that comes through the window glass. Solar radiation falls different levels in different geographical region. Middle East is situated at tropic of cancer; where solar heat goes up to 52° in summer .4cool window film customize to prevent the high solar heat which falls in Middle East region. A group of German scientist studied the tropical climate for more than 5 years. 4cool is a tailor made window film for Middle East climate and temperature.

Solar radiation, that mainly causes substantial temperature increase inside the car and the building. 4cool window film built with latest German edge cutting manufacturing technology which allows maximum visible light to pass through the window and blocks the all adverse solar radiation like Ultra violet, which mainly cause fading, discoloration, and skin diseases. 4cool window film is optimized to reject up to 99 % Ultra violet rays which come through the solar radiation. Infra red carries major portion of solar heat, that in turn increases the power consumption to keep the interiors of the building and cars in a normal temperature. 4coolwindow film is customized to prevent up to 96 % of infra red, which burns your interiors. Infra red reduction inside will reduce the load of the air conditioners and saves power. 4cool window film uses state of the art German manufacturing technology to allow maximum natural light to come inside the rooms. It in turn saves the electrical power for lighting the interiors. Mean while it reduce the glare of direct sun light, which irritates the human eyes. 4cool window film reduces the noise comes through the glass pours.


Image by Kristin Wilson






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